I question your motives, because you hide them so well, I question your ability to trust, The feelings are bare, I can tell, that you only feel lust, I question your actions because they speak in a different tone, I question where you go, you leave in your mind you leave me behind, and that … Continue reading Question


7 Ways to Keep Your Writing Organized

I stay organized with what I like to call my writing kit. It's everything I need to stay creative and organized no matter if I am on the road or at home. I sometimes feel like a pack-rat [or like the garbage lady from Labyrinth] because I am constantly bringing my kit with me even … Continue reading 7 Ways to Keep Your Writing Organized

Why I’ve been M.I.A

I had my baby! I'm so busy I barely have time to shower everyday. Although my writing is put on hold for now I am enjoying time with my new little one and my family. I hope to write again soon! Thank you for reading.

Why I No Longer Think Before I Write, and How It Can Help You To Do The Same.

In the words of my intelligent husband- "I do not think, therefore I write." I love when I get an idea in public- when I'm out, and about with my day to day activities. These ideas inspire me to write. The best part is that these ideas just seems to come out of nowhere. I am … Continue reading Why I No Longer Think Before I Write, and How It Can Help You To Do The Same.

Finding Love in Nature

Budding with a first glance Blooming with a first touch Sweet aroma, like the sweet emotions we exchange The Thorns are the bond that grew to preserve its existence The rose may die, but is reborn to smell even sweeter than before Our love, I feel is like a rose