How I stayed Fit While Pregnant

I tried to have a baby for almost two years with my husband. It was so devastating to me when I had that negative pregnancy test each month I thought I was pregnant. I had to take my mind off trying to get pregnant, so I started exercising regularly. It started with eating better, and... Continue Reading →


Art of Seduction

I've been hurt by the one I adore. They know of this passion and still hurt me more. I've tried to move on to mend my broken heart, take some time to ease my mind of their seducing art.

Finding Love in Nature

Budding with a first glance Blooming with a first touch Sweet aroma, like the sweet emotions we exchange The Thorns are the bond that grew to preserve its existence The rose may die, but is reborn to smell even sweeter than before Our love, I feel is like a rose

Selective Memory

I wish I had a memory like an elephant, as you can see, I forget easily. I forget what it was that hurt me so, I also forgot to tell you so, I'll never remember to let it go. The memories will fade away. I forget why I got so mad, but I remember the... Continue Reading →

Love Letters

Traces of the smell of you The small purple flower matches the color of our passion It evokes emotions of love. Dried smudges from the writing on the withered pages rehearsed lines. I can still hear you read them to me. They keep me warm from the cold, from the loneliness of the night. Sealed... Continue Reading →


The color red is on my hands Its in my heart I cannot stand. What's good is gone, what's bad is free, The color black it is in me. It grows to nothing, just pain and strive, It is just nothing buts it's inside. It haunts my thoughts it haunts my dreams, it's there for... Continue Reading →

Making a New You

via Daily Prompt: Carve Every New Year,  people around the country make a resolution for a change. This change can be big or small, impactful to the individual ,or the community, and is always planned to start on the first day of the coming year. The toughest part is sticking to your resolution. You must... Continue Reading →


1000 words cannot be said without a 1000 tears. Crying only deepens wounds and starts new fears. Fears lead to anger. Anger leads to pain, but when the pain filters through, there will soon be sun in the rain.


Something good that was lost will never be the same The senses are changed in space, trapped in time Your heart was yours it was never mine But, you stole my heart just like a crime, used and abused it was thrown to the floor and still you ask why I love no more karma... Continue Reading →

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